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Our History

Yankee Glassblower, Inc. was founded by William DeFlorio in 1968. Located in Carlisle, Massachusetts, we have been working together with corporations, universities, and government organizations alike for more than 40 years. As an environmentally conscious business, we do not use hydrofluoric acid and reuse convoluted foam for packaging.

Past Projects

We have performed a number of experiments that involved encasing various materials in glass, such as food samples for NASA and metal samples for the Department of Defense. Our team has also been instrumental in the green movement by fabricating various lamps, vials, and sample collectors for studies in ozone depletion and geological studies both on land and under the sea. We have fabricated glass parts that were used in the early designs of GPS systems, and have done numerous repairs and modifications to specialty Schlenk lines used in chemical experiments at MIT.

Our Team

Patrick DeFlorio — Patrick received his Associate's degree in manufacturing from Wentworth Institute in 1982 and worked with his father until William's death in 2008. He now runs the shop using his father's tools, techniques, and teachings. Patrick is our primary fabricator and is responsible for overseeing all of the projects in the shop.

Patrick has been a member of the American Scientific Glassblower's Society since 1984 and a member of the British Scientific Glassblowers' Society since 2002. He has won multiple awards from both the ASGS and the BSSG for technical demonstrations and articles published on the subjects of glassblowing and glassblowing safety. He served as president of the ASGS for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

Matthew McDonald — Matthew received his Bachelor of Arts degree in communication from Framingham State College in 2009. He was hired by Yankee Glassblower that same year, soon after graduation. He worked as an administrative assistant before becoming Patrick's apprentice in 2010. Matt is responsible for product fabrication, communicating with customers and vendors, documenting all transactions, and drawing all new projects and models. He also uses his skills for any artistic jobs we undertake.

Glass Vacuum Pump
Patrick DeFlorio
Matthew McDonald

Articles Published

Patrick DeFlorio
"Lamp Shop Hint: Improved Eye Protection for Quartz Working" — Fusion, May 1999
"Floor Flanges in the Glass Shop" — Fusion, November 2002
"Platinum Conductivity Cell" — Fusion, February 2003
"Construction of a reactor head with a large addition funnel" — Fusion, May 2004
"New Lenses Offer More Protection than Didymium Lenses" (edited by daughter Emily Kenfield) — Proceedings, 2003
"BSSG and the ASGS: Perfect Fusion" — Proceedings, 2004/2005 (A comparison of British and American Scientific Glassblowers Societies)
"Hydrofluoric Acid and Ammonium Bifluoride are much more dangerous than you think!" — Proceedings, 2006

William J. DeFlorio
"High-Conductance Bakeable Magnetic Valve" — Fusion, November 1996